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The Timberlake Family would like to welcome you to the Timberlake Bowhunting Ranch in D’Hanis, TX. We want to thank you for visiting our website. We provide top quality bowhunting opportunities for all at affordable pricing. Our website has all the various hunting packages we offer. Our ranch is stocked with whitetail, sika, aoudad, fallow, red stag, axis, blackbuck, rams, wild boar, gemsbok, persian cross ibex, and scimitar oryx. We offer year round exotic hunts and seasonal whitetail hunts. Timberlake Ranch has plenty game and exceptional quality to satisfy all levels of hunters. We invite you to come out and test your skills, bag the big one, relax and enjoy yourself at the Timberlake Ranch.

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  • Phone: 210-413-0700 (Terrell)
  • Phone: 210-787-0806 (Travis)
  • Phone: 210-413-3400 (Taylor)
  • Phone: 210-836-6892 (Carlos)
  • Email: terrell@timberlakeranch.net
  • Physical Address: 1951 Co Rd 312 D'Hanis, TX 78850
  • Payment Address: P.O. Box 185 D'Hanis, TX 78850
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